Youth Organizing & Climate Education

Climate change impacts the lives and possibilities of today's youth in ways not experienced by previous generations. From adolescence through young adulthood youth are tackling their growth and education while living through climactic upheaval in a world in need of profound structural change. This creates an unwavering clarity of purpose and vision, making youth voices and choices central to building a climate-just world.

We believe the route to a climate safer future requires equipping youth with the tools that they need to confront fossil capitalism, drive the clean energy transition at speed and scale, and build the just transition. We prioritize youth-led or centered organizations that build progressive power for lasting change, as well as other organizations that create foundational conditions needed for youth to build and exercise their power. These include:

  • National and international climate organizing
  • Progressive youth voter organizing
  • Youth labor organizing
  • Transformative, universal, public climate change education
  • Political education

Featured Grantees