Public Health

From the start, 128 Collective recognized that sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are not universally recognized and realized within current health systems, policies and programs. We have been working with organizations that brought these essential healthcare services closer to users around the world. We are supporting organizations that promote women’s agency and youth leadership alongside, to ensure the long-term success of these programs. In the coming years, we will seek out partners who share our vision of promoting equity and justice for all, applying interdisciplinary and long-range thinking towards universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Public Health Goal

Advance the goal of universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by 2030.

Our Theory of Change

128 Collective will contribute to social justice by supporting champions around the world to advocate for universal access to SRHR, and in particular, access to the fullest range of contraceptive methods, information and counseling to support people’s decisions to decide when and whether to have children. We will support partners who are contributing efforts to create a future in which all people, especially women and girls, have agency, bodily autonomy and a decisive voice in determining their own destinies.

Our areas of support will include:

Connect Champions and Leaders

We support organizations and activities that build networks of leaders, especially female champions, to accelerate the global movement for universal access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, ensuring that it is strongly connected to broader health and gender equity agendas.

Support Advocacy and Accountability

We work with partners to cultivate favorable policy environments for leaders to emerge to create lasting change. We support accountability mechanisms that are built-in from the start to hold duty bearers accountable for delivering on their commitments.

Catalyze Interdisciplinary Work

We work with organizations that look beyond their expertise to seek new partners from various sectors, to address multiple challenges people face in this volatile world. As a learning agenda, we will seek to foster understanding, engagement and alignment across reproductive, gender and climate justice agendas.

Invest in the Next Generation

Young people have a keen awareness of the inter-connected nature of our globalized existence and a heightened sense of urgency to create a brighter future. Their views, advocacy voices and their political power must be included and amplified. We pay special attention to young people by supporting advocacy efforts that include their policy recommendations and promote their leadership.

How we work

We will consider investing in coalition work and policy dialogues with a variety of stakeholders as keys to long-term success to ensure SRHR are embedded in government policies.

We will continue to work with other funders to ensure coordination and to maximize our collective impact.

We will continue to invest in work in the United States that expand access to reproductive healthcare for all.

As much as possible, we will provide general operating support and work with grantees to identify other ways that we can be helpful to advance common goals.

We will solicit proposals annually on an invitation-only basis, keeping our focus on shifting support to more frontline organizations whenever possible.

Featured Grantees